About Us

Company (有關我們)

Avanti in Italian means "move forward", a unique company with an enormous experience in imported lighting and furnishing field. The company was established in Hong Kong on 20th September 1990. The leader in this segment thanks to its dynamic and extremely organized structure, Avanti aim to create a perfect relationship between end-user and manufacturers. Avanti has over 20 years experience in dealing with different lighting styles, materials and finishes; it's the perfect place to meet the most demanding clients at a high level of professionalism, competence and passion.

AVANTI, 意大利文為“前進”意思. 是一間擁有多年豐富經驗專做進口歐洲高級燈飾和傢俬. 本公司於1990年9月20日成立. 經過長久已來的發展, AVANTI已成為客戶和工廠之間的重要橋樑. 基於超過20年做進口高級燈飾和傢俬的經驗, 我們對於不同產品之風格、款式、材料運用和顏色等都有深厚認識. 我們有信心客人可以在AVANTI找到心目中想要的產品.


Business & Service (業務與服務)

Avanti's provide "Europe Direct Sell" concept and service. We aim to sell directly from overseas European manufacturers to consumers without going through any importers, distributors, wholesalers and retailers in order to reduce the selling price. We provide full service for customers starting from Brand / Style Selection, Products Modification, Order Follow Up, Transportation, Import Process to After-Service.

AVANTI的理念和服務中旨是“歐洲直接銷售”, 意思是直接從歐洲廠家買貨,而不經過進口商、分銷商、批發商和零售店, 從而大大降低成本. 我們可提供一條龍服務, 服務範圍由協助客人進行品牌和產品挑選、各種產品尺寸顏色修改方法或訂制產品、落單及訂單跟進、運輸、入口事宜, 以至售後服務都一一提供.


Lighting Consultants (顧問)

We offer a flexible range of lighting design services that can be tailored to client's detailed house/store plan. Bearing in mind the clients style and needs, we produce a lighting scheme along with a list of manufacturers and products that best satisfy these needs.

針對不同客人的要求, 我們可提供最合適的廠家及產品去滿足客人需要.


Custom-Made Product (訂制產品)

Years of experience in the lighting industry and a network of over 60 oversea lighting manufacturers, allow us to find the best possible solution. Nearly all the makers could provide custom-made service. Even just one piece they could also produce it.

經過多年經驗及與超過60間高級品牌的長期合作關係, 當中一定可以找到合適你的產品工廠亦可提供特別訂制服務, 就算只是一支工廠都可訂制。